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The Road to Drama: An Irony Between Pain & Pleasure

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde


Wilde, Oscar. The Importance of Being Earnest. New York: Dover Publications, 1990. Print.







“Fences” by Augustus Wilson


Wilson, August. “Fences” Literature & Ourselves. Comp. Bill Day and Sandra Stevenson Waller. Fifth ed. United States: Pearson, 2006. 178-232. Print.







In order for students to understand the genre of drama, the dramatic scene should be explained.

Dramatic Scene:
1. An Important moment is taking place and you stop for this crucial moment.
2. Two or more characters are involved in a particular place and time and something is going on between the characters.
3. The characters must be doing something
4. In real time something is at stake
5. Interaction -People are talking, but they are in their bodies -What are their bodies doing? –
  • gestures -Proxemics- the proxemics you are telling about the relationship of the characters to one another

For an assessment idea, students could be placed into groups and reenact one dramatic scene from one of the texts.

This reenactment must include comprehension of the following:
1. Characterization
2. Conflict
3. Dialogue